Writing Coach and Mentor: a Mini Launch

Certified Martha Beck Life CoachI’ve been quietly working as a life coach for a while now, letting my practice grow slowly, alongside my teaching and writing careers. And I’m glad of that slow pace, because along the way I’ve discovered a kind of coaching that draws on all my strengths and fills me with energy and excitement.

In a dual role, as coach and mentor, I’m working with people who want to write about their lives. Many people have important stories to tell and need a book to support them in their work. I coach and mentor people who want to write about their lives in order to make a difference in the world.


At the launch of my latest book

Life coaches and public speakers in particular often build their work around their own stories. They coach people who are going through what they’ve been through; they speak to groups with needs like their own. Many speakers and coaches would like to have a book to support their work: a memoir of sorts, their message embedded in their own story.

Along with all their other amazing skills, some coaches and speakers have the skills and perseverance to write that book. Others would like help with structure, with shaping their stories; they would like someone to hold them accountable all the way through to publication.

Mentorship from someone like me can be just what it takes to turn an idea or a dream into something real.

Some people, even though they’ve been coaching and speaking around their issues for years, still have blind spots and tender places that need to be explored if their story is to do all it can.

That’s where coaching comes in. As we explore those blind spots and those memories that still hold a lot of pain, three things happen. Healing takes place, the writing grows stronger, and the work deepens.

I’ve updated my website to reflect this new focus, and now, with this post, I’m beginning to spread the word. Just a little bit.

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