Maggie de Vries
Fraser Bear: A Cub's Life - a Children's Book by Maggie de Vries

Fraser Bear: A Cub's Life

A picture book for all ages.

When the hero of this story is a tiny cub, still in the den with his mother, biologists come to examine the adult bear. While they do so, they place the cub in the arms of a young girl, and she bestows upon him his name, Fraser. Fraser Bear follows Fraser’s life out of the den and, in the months that follow, away from his mother.

At the same time, the story follows the life cycle of the chinook salmon that spawn at the headwaters of the Fraser River, where Fraser lives. If the bear cub is to survive, he must learn to catch these huge powerful fish himself, becoming part of the ecological web through which fish bring the ocean deep into the mountains, where their flesh and their bones feed the forest itself.

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