Maggie de Vries
Once Upon a Golden Apple - a Children's Book by Maggie de Vries

Once Upon a Golden Apple

Dad begins his storytelling with "Once upon a," but soon extemporizes on common fairy-tale themes. His children are horrified. "There lived Snow White and the three bears" and many similar mix-ups just won't do, and they insist that he tell the story right . It takes the entire book to fix his fractured retellings, but finally everyone arrives at a happy ending. The pacing of this story is lively, with double-page spreads (often with four-pictures per spread), fantasy scenes, and real life settings tumbling after one another and unified by a flower-and-scroll border. Most of the allusions will be familiar to culturally literate children, but one or two will stump even a children's librarian, and there's no key or identification list. How charming to see the father doing the reading. An especially pleasant book for older preschoolers at story hour.

(From School Library Journal)

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