Maggie de Vries
Big City Bees - a Children's Book by Maggie de Vries

Big City Bees Excerpt

"The trees are greening," Sophie says. "It must be planting time."

"Not for pumpkins," says Matthew. He looks at Grandpa. "I’m pretty sure."

"Not for pumpkins," Grandpa says. "Pumpkins need heat. Real heat."

And bees. Pumpkins need bees.

In the big community garden, Sophie and Matthew

wait for planting time. While they wait, they watch for bees - watch and worry.

"We’ll need bees to make the pumpkins grow," says Matthew. "What if they don’t come?"

Sophie glares at him. "They will," she says. "Of course they will." But she is worried, too.

Are there bees in the big city?  Will they find the children’s garden when it’s time?
Far, far from the garden, honeybees live in a place that nobody knows. High in a hollow tree, deep in the city’s biggest park, live thousands and thousands and thousands of bees.

Hidden in the tree, worker bees are raising a new queen. If the old queen and the new queen meet, they will fight to the death.

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